To get together is the beginning, to stay together is a progress, to work together is a success.
(Henry Ford)

In 1975, there were a few hundred of animals, but trough the years, the Ciemme Group has been grown up exponentially, becoming a landmark in the Italian pig production sector.

Thanks to strategic and forward-thinking choices, the Ciemme Group has been  acquiring many sow breeding farms all around Northern Italy.

It is specialized in breeding pigs for the “Prosciutto di Parma” production, the typical and well-known Italian product, appreciated all over the world; this famous production chain is protected and ruled through a rigid “Production disciplinary”.

The great experience and job passion (from generation to generation) make the Ciemme Group a solid and reliable company, whose the most important focus is animal welfare.

The 2nd of May 2019 is an historic event for the Group: Chiola family acquires the majority of the share capital of Ferrero Mangimi Spa, one of the most important Italian companies in the field of animal nutrition.

The complementarity between these two companies is an exceptional opportunity to obtain great synergies to face future challenges, maintaining the same business model.

This powerful collaboration will guarantee the Group constant animal feed supplies, creating ad hoc production chains.


When love and competence work together, it is expected a masterpiece.
(John Ruskin)

The Ciemme Group makes a deep selection of the farms to form its production chains. All the European animal welfare laws must be respected, as well as all the rules about the birth and growth of pigs according to the “Prosciutto di Parma disciplinary”.

In each farm, many expert veterinaries and specialized technicians constantly support the cattle breeders.

The Group constantly invests in continuing professional education of its employees, creating a high quality technical staff.


There is so much deep peace and great beauty in nature, because nothing try to transgress its limits.

The Ciemme Group applies the method of “F1 Vamp” in every sow breeding, using the seed coming from the two own boar reproduction centres. The genetics nucleus, obtained after many years of studies, are managed with rigid and severe sanitary rules by the genetic testing company Topigs Norsvin.
The constant research for quality improvement of the meat has always been the point of our business strategies, thanks to the historical collaboration with TOPIGS NORSVIN, one of the most important swine genetics company worldwide. Both the F1 gilt breeding and the seed production for the artificial fecundation are made in internal centres, with rigid bio security rules and deep genetic selection.


Nature is not a place to visit. It’s our home.
(Gary Snyder)

The Ciemme Group has made some important choices to respect nature.

In many farms there are photovoltaic panels, to reduce the environmental impact and to reduce the energetic need.

Moreover, some industrial cleaners are used to reduce the slurry spreading.


I’ve real simple tastes. I only like the best.
(Oscar Wilde)

The Ciemme Group works strictly respecting the rules of the “Prosciutto di Parma disciplinary”, to guarantee tradition and quality.
The Parma Ham è is one of the most important and historical “Italian DOP” (Denomination of Protected Origin); it is a completely natural product, made with Italian ingredients and sea salt.
The swine meat used for the production of the “Prosciutto di Parma Chiola” comes from selected Italian farms, which shall respect rigid rules in term of breeding techniques, race, nutrition, weight and especially of  animal health.

Processing, conservation and seasoning of the ham are the most important steps to reach high quality targets, requiring care in all details: a skilled hand, a delicate smell and a watchful eye have a priceless value. 

The salt is much more than a food preservative: it gives to ham consistency, it rules the muscle enzymes action needed for flavour and taste, it activates the colouring process, it allows meat cohesion (between muscle, connective tissue, rind and fat), it guarantees the slice integrity during the cutting.

The Parma Ham is preservative-free and colourings-free. It doesn’t contain any heavy metals.  

Download here technical sheet: with bone - without bone


A target is a dream with a point of arrival
(Duke Ellington)

In these mounths, the company has been working to improve its quality farms.

Ciemme Group has obteined a first certification from CSQA, one of the most important certification bodies:  DTP 130 “Pigs breeded with more restricted requirements in animal welfare”.

This certification includes animal welfare, responsible use of antibiotic, biosecurity.

It’s an ethic choice of all the company (property, technicians and breeders) to reduce the antibiotic human resistance.

Download pdf: CSQA



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